Many people consider brick siding to be traditional and expensive. For some homeowners, this option may be out of their budget. For cheaper options, many people tend to lean toward vinyl siding because it comes in a variety of patterns and colors and it is relatively easy and quick to install. If you want more or a brick veneer look but have a vinyl siding budget, one less common option is the brick veneer siding. Contact Mobile Vinyl Siding Co. for more information.

Vinyl brick siding comes in sheet-like panels that fit together like puzzle pieces. They are relatively thin and the sheet comes with approximately thirty bricks on it, so it is much quicker and lighter to install than traditional brick or brick veneer. Because they come in larger panels, you can also save money on grout and time spent applying the brick. While traditional brick masonry or veneer may be made of red clay mixed with a filler, vinyl brick siding is made of a high-quality copolymer which resists warping, impact, and discoloration. It is made off-site in a factory that ensures it is superior quality and mother nature has not had a chance to damage the product before it arrives on site. The vinyl sheets are created from injection molding, so if you have a custom look in mind where you want to change the size, texture, or coloration of the brick panels, the factory can easily create new molds for your project. The standard panels are fabricated in a variety of colors to fit your home or business’s unique exterior.

Like many other siding products, the vinyl brick veneer usually comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers most manufacturer’s defects and any issues with the product that arise before its installation. Some manufacturers or installers may even offer their own additional warranties for the product. These additional warranties may include damage that occurs during installation as well as storm, wind, or water damage that may occur over the next five to ten years, depending on the type of warranty.

Vinyl brick veneer siding panels are very low maintenance. They can withstand the force of regular pressure washing or cleaning and they do not require the use of extra chemicals or sealants. Since the product is made of a vinyl polymer, it is also waterproof and will not be damaged by water. It is not as porous as traditional masonry brick so water absorption and freezing should not be an issue. Since the panel mortar is also a polymer material, you will not have mortar decay like you would with traditional brick and you will also not have structural failures or erosion due to the vinyl brick veneer panels. The porous nature of traditional masonry brick allows it to collect dirt, moss, and mold and it can even foster mold growth within the small cavities. This can cause further erosion and brick damage. Vinyl brick veneer does not allow moss and mold to grow in it because it is much less porous.

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